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WoodArt® manufacturing technology


EUROFALZ geometry section is done on triple layered wooden prisms calibrated in thick layers of 68 mm and widths of 86-105 mm. Interior doors are made of double layered wood, with a thickness of 42 mm. For interior doors we also take into account the brick lining voids, up to 0.3 m thick, and the related sills. Prisms of wood, double or triple layered, are A class.

When assembling WoodArt® windows and doors, we use Class D4 adhesive polymer, resistant to moisture.

Fittings used, such as the multi-point locking and its accessories, include the biggest names in the field: Siegenia, Roto NT, Winkhaus, AGB, KFV, Hoppe, MANDELLI, etc..

Exterior assemblies are equipped with standard insulating glass Clear float 4-16A - 4 Lowe (heat transfer coefficient k = 1.1 W / m * K). All of our gaskets are made by TRELLEBORG, Sweden.

The windows are fitted as standard with aluminum drip by GUTMANN - Germany and additional aluminum frame protection profile by GUTMANN - Germany.

All WoodArt® products are finished with organic systems of paint, based on acrylic resin dispersion, that can be diluted in water, produced by companies such as SIKKENS - AKZO NOBEL - Belgium, SAYERLACK - Italy, etc... These ensure fungicidal and insecticidal protection for the wood and give the best resistance to UV radiation.