WoodArt® - Wood windows joinery


We spend most of our lives at home and at work. Being aware that the space in which we live plays a decisive role on our spiritual condition, we always strive to make it look friendlier, so that we feel better in it. The way in which we set up spatial areas in which we live or operate is a form of manifestation of our personality and behavior in seeking privacy, comfort and safety, therefore they represent us and define our attitude.

Windows and doors undoubtedly determine the appearance, style and character of a building, providing it with personality. Unlike other structural elements of a house, whose importance is evident in particular in functional terms, doors and windows have an overwhelming influence also on the aesthetics of a house. Particularity and uniqueness of wood windows and doors is granted by the characteristics of timber.

WoodArt® is a brand that has been created in 2003 and all the complex projects that have been developed ever since have consolidated the brand that now stands for the production of wood windows with insulating glass. Assemblies are made with double or triple layered profiles, of exotic (tropical) and northern species of timber using the section of geometry EUROFALZ 68 mm, 78 mm, 88 mm and 92 mm specification considered being among the most modern in the world.

We have selected for you the best timber, the finest and most reliable equipment and accessories and have formed the best people to make WoodArt® windows and doors and to help choose the solution that suits you.

We therefore invite you to view some of our products.

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